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Clinical Excellence Through Continuing Education

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Salem Health medical staff strive to give the best care. To be the best takes commitment. The Foundation plays an important role by providing Salem Health clinicians with the tools and educational resources to stay current in a rapidly changing environment.

The Foundation provided funding for a training program called motivational counseling. This program provides tools to physical therapy staff to help patients manage chronic pain.

Foundation funding supports both introductory and on-going training, as well as “train the trainer” programs.

Our clinicians are accessing key initiatives like this through support from donors. As a result, they can provide our community with the highest level of care available.


Staff Resiliency

Most of us have been to the emergency room at least once – we’ve felt the stress, the fear, the impatience. Now imagine you’re there every day. Imagine that every emergency is YOUR emergency. How would you cope? Learn how Salem Health Foundation is working to strengthen staff resiliency at Salem Health.

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